Our Values | Bernie, Man!

Who We Are

San Francisco is the birthplace of ideas and movements that end up changing the world. We are home to the Peace movement, Silicon Valley, psychedelia and the counter-culture. We gave birth to the Gold Rush, the Beat Generation, the hippies, Non-Violent Communication, the computer revolution, the gay pride / gender equality revolution. We are ten million strong. From the Castro, to the Haight, and over to Jack London Square, UC Berkeley, Mt. Tam, Sausalito, the Golden Gate, Bolinas, through the Redwoods… All across San Francisco Bay, Bernie values are Bay Area values. If Bernie didn’t exist we would have invented him. Maybe we did.

Bernie started his career fighting in the free speech movement and for racial equality. He worked inside the system, never advocating violence or anarchy, always believing in the values of democracy. He stood up for the common man, and ended up a United States Senator. If there’s an organizing principle behind the Bay Area, it’s connecting millions of people with practical, visionary solutions for humanity’s most pressing environmental and social challenges. The Bay Area seeks to be the catalyst to bringing forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet. This is essentially Bernie’s campaign message! San Francisco is the largest donor of any city to Bernie’s campaign.

Bay Area Bernie Contributions

What We Want

We want Bernie! We want somebody smart, experienced and honest running the country. Bernie is arguably the first person to get this close to the presidency who is completely clean. He’s literally claiming the system is corrupt and against life on earth. He’s sounding an alarm that is actually equal to the problems we face. Finally, he’s a politician and leader who’s identifying specifically what he’s going to do to change things:

  • tax the rich a little bit more
  • reinstate Glass Steagall
  • overturn Citizen’s United
  • make Obamacare single payer
  • tax certain Wall Street profits to make college education free
  • legalize marijuana
  • increase minimum wage to $15/hour
  • end corporations’ overseas tax havens
  • repair infrastructure with $1 trillion WPA
  • equal pay for equal work via Paycheck Fairness Act
  • universal childcare
  • total transparency in government
  • global coalition to fight ISIS
  • anti monopoly legislation, trust busting, ending “too big to fail”
  • public financing of elections
  • immediate transition from fossil fuels

We want Bernie because we want real democracy. The time has come to Make Democracy Work, and Bernie’s election will be a mandate to do so. Only with real democracy are we going to be able toengage in difficult dialogues and create strong alliances across spectrums of difference and get down to the real business of making the world a better place.


Why It Can Work

People say “As much as Bernie’s words appeal to me, I just can’t see him pulling off the sweeping changes he talks about.” But what is democracy? Instead of us deciding what the middle ground is, it’s up to each of us as participants to give it our all, and let democracy find the balance. No individual changes the country by themselves. Bernie needs support to pull it off. People say Bernie can’t do it so they won’t give him the support, but it’s the support that will let him do it. Instead of saying others won’t support him so I won’t, let’s be those others! Who knows what would happen if we actually voted with our conscience?